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I’ve finally added all the 2012 public appearances of Hunter on our gallery and have started working on the 2011 ones. Most of the pictures are HQ, other are MQ or even LQ. Check them out!

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Hello everyone, my name is Fanny and I’m so excited to be the new owner of HunterParrish.Org. I’m uploading a lot of pictures to the gallery, so be sure to check them out and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

We aim to bring the latest news, images, media and much more, we always welcome donations and always give out credit so please, if you want to give us something, feel free to email us at (you can contact us even if you want to affiliate with our website).

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This one’s a bit old, but still..

Check out Hunter Parrish‘s debut single “Sitting At Home,” off of his upcoming EP Guessing Games!

The 24-year-old Weeds star’s EP will be released on April 17, but if you are in the New York City area, grab your copy of Guessing Games at the Circle in the Square Theatre!

“This is a chance for me to show people that I write my own music and to share another part of myself,” Hunter told

“A lot of the music is about love,” Hunter said. “Some of it is just love for my momma and there are some ex-girlfriends I’ve been writing about…I don’t think they’ll be angry, I’m not like Taylor Swift!” {source}

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Added some pictures of Hunter Signing autographs on January 7th (the day that Nick Jonas visited the Godspell cast).

anna-maria-nick-jonas-godspell-02.jpg anna-maria-nick-jonas-godspell-08.jpg anna-maria-nick-jonas-godspell-10.jpg

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Last saturday (January 7th, 2012), Nick Jonas visited Broadway, and the Godspell cast (including Hunter Parrish) took some backstage pictures with him. Give it a look in our gallery!

hunterparrish_28129.jpg hunterparrish_28229.jpg hunterparrish_28329.jpg hunterparrish_28429.jpg hunterparrish_28529.jpg

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I updated our gallery with Hunter Parrish’s screencaptures of 17 Again, enjoy!

a2221.jpg a2859.jpg a3411.jpg a3443.jpg a5248.jpg

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I added a picture of Hunter Parrish with Telly Leung, recording the Godspell soundtrack last month, give it a look in our gallery!

hunter.jpg hunter.jpg hunter.jpg hunter.jpg hunter.jpg

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AfterElton posted an interview with Telly Leung (Hunter’s co-star in Godspell), and he mentions Hunter Parrish and Godspell, you can read it below:

Religious themes are experiencing a renaissance in popular of Broadway shows. Currently, the Tony-winning musical The Book of Mormon and the stage adaptation of Sister Act are entertaining theater-goers with both comedic and profound statements on the oft-controversial institution. Also joining the fray is the current revival of Godspell at the Circle In The Square theater.

Since it’s off-Broadway debut in 1971, Godspell, with music by Stephen Schwartz, has been an interactive, improv-based show with the majority of the cast (excluding the characters of Jesus and Judas) using their own names instead of characters. And with a cast history that includes such names as Jeremy Irons, Gilda Radner, Victor Garber, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy and Paul Shaffer, it almost seems to be a right of passage for a performer to do Godspell sometime in their career.

The current Broadway production opened in November and not only has hunky Hunter Parrish (Weeds, Spring Awakening) in the lead role of Jesus but also stars Telly Leung, best known as Warbler Wes on Glee as well as his previous stage work in Rent and Wicked. AfterElton grabbed a few minutes with Leung in between performances to talk about how audiences are responding to Godspell as well as if he’ll be returning to Glee anytime soon now that The Warblers have recently reappeared on the show. How familiar were you with Godspell before you were cast?
Telly Leung: I was originally cast in a version of Godspell that was directed by the same [Broadway revival] director, Daniel Goldstein. He did a production at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey. It was a month of rehearsals, a month long run and it was a wonderful cast. We got amazing reviews. Stephen Schwartz loved it and said if there was ever a revival it should be this production with this amazing director.

But before 2006 I had no idea what the show was about. I didn’t know there is no real script to the show. The way we did it at Paper Mill, which is the way we’re doing it on Broadway, is you have the parables, you have where the parables fall and where the songs fall but how you make that accessible to the audience is up to the cast and the creative team. The whole show has been improv. We’ve created the show from scratch. All the original cast, besides Jesus and Judas, use their own names! For the revival it’s Jesus and Judas but then it’s Telly! It’s more of a theatrical experience than a traditional play. I’ve never been a part of anything like it.

AE: So every show can truly be different, right?
TL: It is different, and when we worked with Stephen Schwartz he said, ‘Every Godspell should be different and every Godspell should reflect the individuality and creativity and the special talent of every one in the company.’

AE: And Hunter Parrish as Jesus! If he had been my Jesus growing up I probably would be much more religious than I am!
TL: [laughs] I’m so thrilled that Hunter is playing Jesus. First of all, offstage he is such a wonderful person and just one of those leading men in a company that really is a leader and is wonderful. He boosts morale and he always lifts everybody’s spirit up. Onstage, when he looks at you, he has that same open heart, open energy that the show and that role requires. You go ‘I do want to follow you!’ There is a warmth to him that is so right for this role. He has such a playfulness in the way that he approaches the role and it’s contagious.

AE: I was looking at some of the clips from the show online. Talk to me about the interactive aspect of the production.
TL: First of all, the Circle In The Square Theater is the perfect place to do Godspell. When John-Michael Tebelak first conceived the show he wanted it to follow the format of a mass, a service, but to make it also theater so I think it’s meant to be a communal experience. There isn’t meant to be a fourth wall. Oftentimes we’re talking to the audience or walking up and down the aisle singing to them or we might bring someone on stage with us. During intermission we have people come up for ‘wine,’ which is really grape juice, but it’s fun in the theatrical way. It should feel like a party and a celebration. Read the full article »

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I added the video and hq screencapture of Hunter Parrish’s inter view at Show People with Paul Wontorek, enjoy!

a0040.jpg a0046.jpg a0097.jpg a0399.jpg a0486.jpg

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