9 Jan  Hunter Parrish and Nick Jonas – Backstage Pics
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Last saturday (January 7th, 2012), Nick Jonas visited Broadway, and the Godspell cast (including Hunter Parrish) took some backstage pictures with him. Give it a look in our gallery!

hunterparrish_28129.jpg hunterparrish_28229.jpg hunterparrish_28329.jpg hunterparrish_28429.jpg hunterparrish_28529.jpg

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7 Jan  Godspell cast recording soundtrack
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21 Dec  Beautiful City
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The New Broadway Cast Recording of the revival of GODSPELL is being released digitally today, December 20, 2011 on Ghostlight Records.

The complete listing for the New Broadway Cast Recording of GODSPELL is:

1. Tower of Babble — Company
2. Prepare Ye — Wallace Smith and Company
3. Save the People — Hunter Parrish and Company
4. Day by Day — Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and Company
5. Learn Your Lessons Well — Celisse Henderson and Company
6. Bless the Lord — Lindsay Mendez and Company
7. All for the Best — Hunter Parrish, Wallace Smith and Company
8. All Good Gifts — Telly Leung and Company
9. Light of the World — George Salazar and Company
10. Turn Back, O Man — Morgan James and Company
11. Alas for You — Hunter Parrish
12. By My Side — Uzo Aduba and Company
13. We Beseech Thee — Nick Blaemire and Company
14. Beautiful City — Hunter Parrish
15. On the Willows — Wallace Smith and the Band
16. Finale — Hunter Parrish and Company

Here’s a video of Hunter recording Beautiful City (AMAZING, don’t you agree?)

And our gallery was updated with HD screencaptures of the video.

a0004.jpg a0030.jpg a0179.jpg a0187.jpg a0271.jpg

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12 Dec  Weeds S05E01,02&03 | Interview
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I started adding the screencaptures of Hunter at Weeds Season 5 to our gallery, enjoy!

a0817.jpg a0840.jpg a2343.jpg a2059.jpg a2561.jpg

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I also found a video with an interview with Hunter and some Godspell excerpts, you can watch it here.

12 Dec  The Rosie Show
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Interview with Hunter Parrish:

The cast of Godspell performing:

1 Dec  Godspell Medley on ‘The View’
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Earlier today, I posted pictures of the Godspell cast performing at The View, now you can watch the video. Please comment!

1 Dec  Godspell Cast at The View
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The cast of Godspell performed today at ABC’s The View, you can check the photos on our gallery!

hunterparrish_28129.jpg hunterparrish_28529.jpg hunterparrish_28629.jpg hunterparrish_28729.jpg hunterparrish_28829.jpg

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